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“…the standard by which salt-water fly reels are judged is the Seamaster series…Beautifully machined and amazingly durable…[they are] a lifetime investment and the sight of a Seamaster on a rod is one sign of a dedicated saltwater fly man.”

– Now the Reel Story, Miami Herald


66 years ago, Seamaster, Inc began its history of quality fishing reels for discriminating anglers

Invented, designed, and entirely hand-crafted, the Seamaster reel began at the hands of Bob McChristian, Jr, who pioneered and promoted light tackle angling in Florida. Susana Barciela, business writer for the Miami Herald, wrote “McChristian…scrapped five barrels of unacceptable designs before developing the disctinctive S-handle reel that launched Seamaster.”

The first officially-named & recognized Seamaster reel was produced in 1955, and remained the same with minor improvements through the 1980s.

Today, the Seamaster reel stands unmatched in durability, strength, and smoothness.



Now, the Seamaster reel is used by the best salt water anglers all over the world

Each Seamaster reel is machined out of solid aircraft grade aluminum, honed with hand-ground tools & custom fitted. Each reel is infused with lasting quality components, and finished with a bright gold anodized finish.

Just as Seamaster broke the mold with it’s beginnings, the company’s current success is not based on maintaining the status quo. Continuously making improvements, the current team- relatives of founder Bob McChristianson – maintain that the Seamaster company is a ‘labor of love,’ with a commitment to never cut corners. The company produces saltwater fly reels for celebrities & other discriminating anglers worldwide, who continue to set records at leading saltwater fishing tournaments. The hand-made, aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel rugged fly reels still include those with polished finishes signed by the founder.

Critics still believe in the maxim: to predict a product’s potential, examine its past. And our past began a long time ago, with one exceptionally innovative idea: The Seamaster.



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